Picker Pals

Picker Pals – Howth Primary School

Ms. Mc. Hugh and Ms. O’Halloran’s Second Classes.

Picker Pals is a new initiative being run by Voice Ireland, a nationwide environmental NGO and Fingal Co. Council, that develops children’s awareness and community responsibility around the issue of litter.  It helps them to understand how they can make positive changes in their own neighbourhood.  The programme centres around the Picker Pals, a cast of friendly animals who tackle litter.  The children get involved by taking turns to bring home the amazing Picker Pack.  This pack contains all the tools needed to do a short litter-pick with a parent or another trusted adult. The idea is not to clean up the whole neighbourhood but to pick up a few items of litter and engage in conversation around the issue of littering.  Most importantly, children and adults should enjoy the activity and the feeling that they are part of the solution together.

We hope that the children will take some photos of their adventure and share them with their class. We will be doing a Picker Pals display in the school and website to ensure the whole school community know what’s happening and they can get involved too.

Thank you to all the children and teachers in 2nd class for talking on this project.

We can make Howth Better Together!