Magic Moments

Welcome to our ‘Magic Moments’, where we give you a glimpse into our classrooms and let you see what is happening in our amazing school.

Keep visiting the page to see what exciting activities the classes are doing throughout the year. Enjoy!

Mr Cassidy’s and Ms O’Donnell’s classes carrying out a joint experiment to test their reactions as part of science week.

What a week of fun and discovery we had during our Science week. Senior Infants Room 8

Science Week Report from Ms McKeon’s 2nd class

We are enjoying Science week and doing lots of experiments organised by Ms. Anderson. We began the week investigating how gravity works and had fun making paper helicopters. We found lots of ways to generate static electricity and discovered that opposites attract!
We made models of lungs and diaphragms using plastic bottles and balloons and it was easy to see how our lungs fill up with oxygen when we breathe in.

Ms Slattery’s Senior Infants

We have been learning about animals that hibernate in class. We sorted animals that hibernate and animals that don’t, worked together to create different animals that hibernate and made owls using clay. We had lots of fun in class.

Ms Heerey’s Senior Infants Autumn Art

We did collaborative art with hibernating animals, learned how to draw an owl step by step and then made our own owls out of air drying clay. We had lots of creative fun here in senior infants.

2D Shape Maths Trail

Ms Duane’s and Ms McKeon’s Second classes went on a Maths Trail to find 2D shapes in the environment. We found out that rectangles are the most used and hexagonal shapes are the least.

5th Class Nature Walk

Some great pics taken from a 10 km walk 4th class went on. Big thanks to Ian Sheridan who came along with us and was a wealth of knowledge!


Ms O’ Donnell’s 4th Class

Ms O’ Donnell’s 4th class have been very busy over the past few weeks. They recorded tallies of all the number plates around Howth. Dublin (D) was the highest recorded county of registration with Cork (C) not far behind.

Room 13 also have been learning about forces in Science. They became designers, scientists and experimenters in order to safely drop a ‘space egg’. The most successful group, who didn’t crack their egg, ensured their parachute had a large surface area to slow the egg down before it hit the ground. A great learning experience for all – well done!