Fortnightly Focus

This fortnight’s focus is on 5th class – take a look at Ms. Breen’s class…
In art, we were learning how to create one point perspective drawings…..
We had so much fun doing budding reading with Ms. Slattery’s junior infants,  we’re thinking of making it a weekly event!











 We were busy weaving flowers for spring…unfortunately we have yet to see spring weather!



5th class were learning all about being safe on the internet. We created amazing posters for Internet Safety Day (6/2/18).
Remember: Save, Block + Tell! #up2us


Meanwhile in Mr. Flynn’s class….
We have studied the history of the 1913 Lockout to enrich our reading of the novel Across the Divide. We also designed alternative cover illustrations for the novel.
Our poetry corner is also up and running. We have written poems inspired by the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl.
Keep checking back for more updates!!