Online Learning Highlights

February fun in Ms. McHugh’s Junior Infants

12ú Márta 2021



Ms. Reilly’s 4th class

2ú Marta 2021

4th Class have been learning about procedures in February. To practice this we have been making, baking and decorating. Have a look at our delicious bakes and the fun party decorations we created. We have also been practicing our drawing skills over Zoom

Senior Infants take on the “Jerusalema Challenge”.

15ú Feabhra 2021

What class will be brave enough to take on the challenge next?

Ms. Anderson’s Junior Infants

9ú Feabhra 2021

Well done to all the Junior Infants in Ms. Anderson’s class who have are very busy completing STEM challenges and creating their very own junk puppets! We are so proud of you all.

Ms. O’Halloran’s 2nd Class

Have a look at some of the exciting projects Ms. O’Halloran’s boys and girls have been getting up to. Well done to you all!

 Ms. Nugent’s 5th Class

9ú Feabhra 2021

The boys and girls in Ms. Nugent’s 5th class have been looking at bird species that can be seen in Irish gardens and species you might see along coastlines like Howth. The children took videos of the birds and created some excellent projects. Why not check out Bird Watch Ireland to learn how to attract some lovely birds into your garden too.

‘If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere’ – Van Gogh


Senior Infants have been learning all about life on the farm.

8ú Feabhra 2021.


Lots of fun at home with Ms. McHugh’s Junior Infants.

5ú Feabhra 2021.

Space Week in Senior Infants

2ú Feabhra 2021

Both Ms. O’ Donnell’s and Ms. Fox’s class learnt all about space recently. They explored the 8 planets and identified what it takes to be an astronaut. They will be able to tell you who the first person to walk on the moon was and that Dr. Norah Patton is currently training to be an astronaut. We loved learning about her because she is from Ireland. Have a look at some of the creations below. Well done everyone!

“The stars will never be won by little minds; we must be big as space itself.” – ROBERT A. HEINLEIN

Ms. Reilly’s 4th Class

2ú Feabhra 2021

Ms Reilly’s 4th Class have been doing Zoom Art lessons and Mindful colouring. Here are some of their pictures. They also designed and made puppets from materials they found at home.