A Taste of Christmas

Our annual Taste of Christmas Christmas show will take place on Thursday 20th December in the school hall.

Please see below for running order:

Time Class/es Title
9:00 1st Classes

Ms O’Hanlon and Ms Maher

Medley of Christmas Songs
9:20 Senior Infants

Ms Heerey and Ms Slattery

Angel Express
9:45 Junior Infants

Ms Ridge

The Friendly Beasts
10:00 Junior Infants

Ms Anderson

Whoops a Daisy Angel
10:20 2nd Class

Ms Duane

Rhyming Nativity
11:00 2nd Class

Ms McKeon

How the Grinchies REALLY stole Christmas.
11:15 3rd Class

Ms Reilly

A Christmas Eve You Won’t Believe!
11:40 3rd Class

Ms Nugent

Big Bad Ben
12:45 4th Class

Mr Cassidy

A Christmas Celebration
1:00 4th Class

Ms O’Donnell

Away with the Manger
1:25 5th Class

Mr Devlin

Elf Take-Over
1:40 5th Class

Mr Burke

A Christmas Truce
1:50 6th Class

Ms Breen

Skinny Santa
2:10 6th Class

Mr Flynn

A Christmas Carol?